5 ways to use Augmented Reality in your marketing strategy

In a layman’s language, Augmented Reality (AR) refers to a technology that combines the real and virtual world by overlaying any computer-generated image on what a common man calls the real world. With digital evolution stepping towards new elevation, AR has been one of the most expanding fields. A very good example of experiencing Augmented Reality practically is the game Pokemon Go. This game allowed its users to view the environment around them through their phone’s camera while projecting game items which include icons, score, and the Pokemon creatures.

Diverse innovations can be made using augmented reality. An AR development company offers services in areas from mobile applications to cosmetics and from eCommerce to marketing. Modern-day marketers are more driven towards the requirements of customers. Using AR the brand values of any Augmented reality development company can be increased as it can bring better visual recognition than normal advertising.

Let us look at the 5 ways of implementing Augmented reality in our marketing strategies.

  • Trying before buying

All of us are a lot convinced with online shopping as it gives doorstep delivery with many payment options. All of this feels effortless. Right? But the annoying part arises when the product needs to be returned due to some issues. Thanks to AR, customers can get a virtual try of the product before actually purchasing it.

The most important factor that matters to a consumer before buying the product is to make sure if the product is worth it. For example- before buying a cosmetic product, using a facial recognition technique the buyer can virtually use the product. Major branding companies like the L’Oréal Group have made a huge investment for AR-specialized virtual makeup solutions.

  • Personalization – Most Important Factor

The major upgrade coming in web development is adding personalization to the websites. Many AR development companies have started the use of personalization, where one can select the areas of his interests and get the filtered results accordingly. Research says that 74% of companies that use personalization as a part of marketing strategy in their websites have experienced an increase in their sales.

These days many gaming platforms have started providing user avatars where the user can personalize the way his/her character appears. Gamers these days are much inclined towards such provisions.

  • Storytelling

The most important factor in marketing is convincing the audience about the product. This can be achieved through storytelling. The major sales of an Augmented reality development company can be increased if the marketing of the product is done appropriately. With augmented reality, storytelling gains life.

As customers get more inclined towards the attractive part of the website, storytelling adds feather to the crown. Telling riveting stories with AR and creating an adventure like experience can deepen the connection of users with the products. Creating a virtual environment during the marketing of the product plays a major role in increasing the sale of the product.

  • Attachment to B2B

B2B is an acronym for Business to Business. B2B is the form of generating transactions between businesses. Augmented Reality helps in increasing the sales cycle massively. Marketers can collect data from the sales team using AR to uncover insights.

Businesses demand better buying experience, using AR this can be achieved easily. One of the most powerful areas in which AR helps in increasing B2B sales can be in creating dynamic and helpful presentation material of sales.

  • Interesting Event Marketing

Event marketing helps to achieve a great increase in the achievement of success. To make any event successful, buzzing around can be the icing on the cake. Giving an AR experience to create a buzz for the campaigns can generate more traffic and can prompt more to people get talking about the events. It can also create a long-lasting impact and memories of the audience.

Social media has become a new normal of our lives. Creating a great buzz over social media can create huge sales and can be proved as a great marketing strategy.

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