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Google Map Data Extractor Features

Start your own marketing campaign with help of Google Map Data Extractor. if you are looking for verified leads by google then why not use that software which generate 100% free database for your marketing team. Data Engine developed a software that can collect correct and working data from google maps. Software called Google maps data extractor. With this software you can get the data from one of mostly used website which is Google Maps.

  • It extract available Google Map listing link, company name, business addresses, phone number, website link, rating, total views, opening hours, image URL, latitudes, longitudes, plus code, and category.
  • Google map extractor can extract your targeted business leads from Google Map.
  • Export databse in .csv file
  • Self Updated Software (No need to run update file manually)

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    System Requirements !

    – Minimum Windows 7 and Above with SP 1
    – Run program as administrator
    – Set Chrome as the Default Browser
    – Have Net Framework 4.6 installed

    Updated Google Map Data Extractor

    Marketing become so comparative and costly to generate revenue and leads for any business. All kind of business whether its service based or product based now they can easily promote their product or services to their targeted audience instead of spending on paid campaigns for ads on google, yahoo, bing and social media platform etc. Scrape google business database to get your targeted audience location and category wise.

    G map data scraper

    G Map Listing Extractor

    It is a desktop application (windows) which work with chrome browser support. Its the only software which allows you to extract google business data from Google Map listing database. You can use your own filters available on any Google Map website listed on the software.

    How to Use Google Map Extractor Software


    Step 1 Install Software

    • Step 1: Download .zip File
    • Step 2: Extract Zip Folder
    • Step 3: Run GLE.exe File
    • Step 4: Enter Your Licence Key
    how to extract data from google maps

    Step 2 Add Location

    Add location for which you want to export database from google maps, you can add multiple locations of India.

    extract data from google maps to excel

    Step 3 Add Keywords

    Now need to add keywords for desired category for example you want to extract database if digital marketing institutes. So add digital marketing institute, user can add multiple keywords.

    export addresses from google maps

    Step 4 Click on Start

    Once adding the location and keywords just need to click on start button. It will hardly take 10-30 seconds to start database extraction from Google Maps

    Google listing scraper tool

    Step 5 Export Database

    Once adding the location and keywords just need to click on start button. It will hardly take 10-30 seconds to start database extraction from google maps.

    Google Scraper Software to Automate Data Collection

    If want to collect data Manually copy-pasting all the contact information from the Google Maps search results into your database takes a lot of your time and effort. This is where a Google Maps extractor software such as G Map Data Extractor can be handy.

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