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Most Advanced updated Tradeindia Database Scraper Software

Use our updated tradeindia data extractor software to generate up-to-date leads for marketing. Get complete contacts details like name, number, address (and even WhatsApp number) etc. from tradeindia public listings in just single click.

  • Enter Location and Keywords Only
  • No limit of database entry
  • Export databse in .csv file
  • Self Updated Software (No need to run update file manually)

It is top rated fastest tradeindia database scraper software available in the market. Tradeindia Data Extractor is a software that extract complete contact information like company name, locality, complete address, mobile & Phone number, Contact person and much more.. and other important information from Tradeindia.


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tradeindia data extractor

Updated Tradeindia Data Extractor

Its come great helping hand for lots of individual and compnies who looking database for marketing and sales they get 100% verified database without running and marketing campaign using advanced tradeindia database extractor tool.

TradeIndia.com is India's largest B2B portal with over 5 million registered users

Tradeindia is the largest B2B portal in India. if you are doing any business or services based work. Tradeindia extractor help you lot to generate leads for digital marketing services, web development and get B2B customers for all listed categories.

Tradeindia database extractor is very simple to use you just need to add location and related category keywords only. Its best feature is it will suggest you related keywords also. After adding location and keywords you just need to click on start button and all leads from tradeindia will be ready to be export into a CSV file.

Lets have a look on how to use our advanced Tradeindia data extractor in just 5 steps.

tradeindia data extractor

Step 1 Install Software

We provide you software install file in .zip file which is just 5mb file. Your system must have .net framework and google chorme to use this software.

tradeindia scraper tool

Step 2 Add Location

Add location for which you want to export database from tradeindia.com, you can add multiple locations of India.

tradeindia extractor software

Step 3 Add Keywords

Now need to add keywords for desired category for example you want to extract database if gps so software suggest you more keywords about gps user can add multiple keywords.

how to extract tradeindia database

Step 4 Click on Start

Once adding the location and keywords just need to click on start button. It will hardly take 10-30 seconds to start database extraction from tradeindia

download tradeindia data extractor

Step 5 Export Database

After compliting the tradeindia database extraction process just need to click on export button to get data in .csv file.

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